In response to COVID-19 I am utilizing online and phone sessions. I am also co-leading an integrative group to include meditation/movement.

The Safe and Sound Protocol


I am excited to offer this new, cutting-edge auditory approach designed to calm the nervous system and enhance social connection. As a certified Clinical Psychologist, I can provide the SSP to adults and children either in-person or remotely. The SSP can also be offered to individuals and small groups to facilitate healing, growth, and stabilization.

SSP Certification

The Safe and Sound Protocol is an innovative auditory program created by Dr. Stephen Porges, an internationally renowned neuroscientist and trauma researcher. This protocol, informed by Polyvagal Theory, utilizes music that is filtered to act specifically through the inner ear, passively stimulating the vagus nerve. This intervention is designed to calm the nervous system while enhancing social connection and resilience.

It can be helpful for both children and adults who experience

  • Trauma/PTSD
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Inattention
  • Difficulties with emotional and physiological regulation: either overactive or under-active emotional state.
  • Difficulties with social connection and relational safety
  • Misophonia
  • Chronic Pain
  • Sleep Disorders
  • Sensory Processing Disorders

The SSP can be offered in three separate components or solely the Core. We can collaborate to determine the best path.

SSP Connect

An unfiltered version of the same underlying 5-hour playlist as SSP Core, used as a way of creating familiarity and expectancy for SSP Core.

SSP Connect offers a slower way to approach SSP, allowing time to adjust and acclimate to the listening in preparation for SSP Core. Listening to the unfiltered version of the same underlying 5-hour playlist as SSP Core operates as a way of creating familiarity and expectancy for SSP Core. In addition, it helps the client adjust and acclimate to the experience of listening to music via over-the-ear headphones.

SSP Core

The SSP Core is the primary acoustic intervention. It can be broken down into 30- minute segments and will be structured based upon careful collaboration that considers each patient’s unique needs.

SSP Balance

SSP Balance offers an integrated experience and the opportunity to extend the state-regulating benefits beyond the five hours of SSP Core.

SSP Balance includes the same underlying 5-hour adult playlist as SSP Core but with a lighter frequency modulation algorithm. While not the same potency as SSP Core, SSP Balance will support continued practice of the neural networks associated with listening for further toning. Many find it to be calming and grounding and use it as a daily state shifter and support. SSP Balance was developed as a follow-up to the SSP Core to offer an opportunity to return to music as a calming and grounding experience with a less strenuous neural workout. Speakers or headphones of any type may be used.

For more information visit the following links:

It is recommended that the protocol not be a stand alone treatment but rather a compliment to psychotherapy with Dr. Wrigley or your current therapist.


The Cost of the SSP includes the base price of $350 plus the usual rate for therapy sessions utilized to complete the process. This can vary from person to person and will be discussed and planned before we begin. It is not necessary for all 5 hours to be completed during clinical sessions and instead can occur independently.