General Psychotherapy

I seek to meet the complex needs of individuals and families by using an integrative approach to psychotherapy, an approach that combines exploration, insight, and action.

I anticipate that through this approach, clients will

  • decrease symptoms of depression and anxiety
  • learn to trust their inherent strengths
  • become more stable, flexible, adaptive, resilient, and balanced
  • move through life transitions successfully
  • and enhance and heal their most significant relationships.

Separation and Divorce

Divorce represents a crisis in the life of a family. During such a crisis, parents need to attend to their own emotional needs as well as the needs of their children.

We know from research that parents who seek psychotherapy during a separation or divorce help their children -- and themselves -- adjust better and heal faster.


I help parents create strong and secure connections with their children. These connections help children become healthier and more resilient.

I specialize in working with parents

  • Who are expecting a baby or adjusting to life with a new baby
  • Who have adopted
  • Who are interested in developing stronger attachment patterns with their children
  • Who are experiencing a transition or crisis
  • Who are experiencing anxiety or depression.