In response to COVID-19 I am utilizing online and phone sessions. I am also co-leading an integrative group to include meditation/movement.

Dear Patients,

As we are all doing our best to adapt to the quickly changing circumstances around us, I wanted to share some additional steps I will be taking as of Friday March 20th.

As I’ve been holding sessions these past few days and monitoring the news, the necessity of being more mindful of our contact behavior is undeniable, so as to protect us all I have decided to move my practice completely online for now.

I recognize that this is not ideal, however given our new reality, protecting ourselves, our families, and the wider community is imperative.

I will be utilizing the Zoom for now and can provide a link that you can use to access your appointments. I recommend having a phone nearby so that if the systems get overloaded and freeze, we can continue to talk by phone.

I understand due to a variety of circumstances some may wish to discontinue our work until my office reopens, of course that’s fine, just let me know.

I would like to share two additional supports that I am making available at this time.

As I listened this morning to Tara Brach through an online Symposium, she described the importance of grounding through meditation/mindfulness as a tool for coping with fear, uncertainty that many of us feel. She noted that in China, the recommendation has been to stay home and engage in a meditation routine.

I have decided to offer a free weekly guided meditation to any of you who would find that helpful. It will be 20 minutes each Monday at noon through zoom. Please let me know if you are interested and I will send a zoom link. You don’t need to attend every week but are welcome to join in when it works for you. You don’t have to be an experienced meditator to join.

In addition, My colleague and I are joining to offer an integrative online group that will include guided group meditation, social support/connection and movement. I will attach the information around that as well. We are offering an affordable rate so that it is available to more people. We have been planning this for some time but have often been too busy to get it moving. It feels like the perfect time to bring it on board. Feel free to share with others. It will be going on my website shortly but wanted to offer to existing patients first.

If you have any other questions and concerns please get in touch. This is of course a challenging time and I wish to be a supportive resource for both you and your family.

My Very Best,