In response to COVID-19 I am utilizing online and phone sessions. I am also co-leading an integrative group to include meditation/movement.

  • Group enrollment will take place March 23-28th
  • Sessions will begin on Thursday April 2 and run from 12:00-12:12:45.
  • We would like to make this resource available to all who need it, and therefore are offering a rate of $25 per session.
  • To enroll, please contact or

Collective Healing

Integrative Online Support Group Offering with Lara Wrigley, PsyD and Laura Keyser, PT, DPT, MPH

As we adapt to the changing circumstances, we have been thinking about how to best offer support to our community. While social distancing does require more time alone, it does not mean that we must become socially isolated. We are truly in this together.

In response to the need for telehealth resources, we are offering this unique online group that includes psychosocial support, guided meditation, and physical movement. We hope to offer techniques that enable us to cope with uncertainty, and benefit from social connection and calm the nervous system.

All that is needed to participate is a computer or smart phone, a reliable cellular network or internet connection, and a comfortable, quiet space. It is recommended that participants have a yoga mat or comfortable surface (a blanket on the floor, a massage table, or even a bed). It will also be possible to participate from a chair if that is preferred.

Please see a description of our in -person group below to learn more about our approach.

Dr. Lara Wrigley, Psy.D and Dr. Laura Keyser, DPT, MPH combine 25+ years of experience working with individuals to address the physical and emotional consequences of a variety of health conditions and traumatic life events. Collective Healing represents an innovative, holistic approach that blends aspects of psychotherapy and physical therapy with the power of group dynamics to amplify the positive impact of these therapeutic processes. This new model of integrative, group-based therapy offers a more efficient path to health and well-being.